• In the Santo Daime, what are we asking for?

    When we ask for purification, we are really asking for help in cleansing ourselves of our own darkness. Our work then is to transform our inner darkness back into its original light-filled condition.

  • What we believe

    We believe that there are two stages to healing. First, we must clear away our inner obstacles. Then we can begin to gradually let go of our ego and learn to live from our inner divine center. We believe Santo Daime is a powerful healing modality for helping us clear away our inner obstacles. The work of surrendering our ego, however, we each must learn to do ourselves.

  • What is the meaning of religion?

    When we partake of the sacrament in a Santo Daime sacred plant medicine ceremony, we are knocking on our inner doors and asking to re-connect with God. We are seeking our inner divine light, which is heaven within.

  • What is tradition?

    To keep a truth alive, we must feel an inner experience of it. And ritual celebrations are one way we can do this. They don’t, however, guarantee that a truth remains alive. For a ritual can become an empty gesture. When a tradition has become distorted, this means it is now a dead weight. It’s a meaningless carryover. This doesn’t necessarily mean it never had any deeper meaning. But in this moment, the true meaning has been lost.