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In the Decree of Mestre Irineu, founder of the Santo Daime religion, he states that members of this house must uphold its reverence and peace. We surrender ourselves to God and show respect to our brothers and sisters.

We call ourselves brothers and sisters by beholding the beauty and splendor that exists in each of us, and also by working to correct our flaws. We set our intention for healing and ask the divine to help us accomplish this, according to our merit.

Here are our additional religious beliefs at Casa da Calma:

We believe that personal self-healing is the key to spiritual development, which is what this religion is all about.

We believe authentic self-healing follows all spiritual laws, including:

1) We must make an effort

2) We must become willing to pay the price for what we want

3) We cannot cheat life

4) We cannot skip steps

We believe that there are two stages to healing. First, we must clear away our inner obstacles and learn to feel all our feelings. Then, after making some progress in the first stage, we can begin to gradually let go of our ego and learn to live from our inner divine center.

We believe that living from our divine center, or Higher Self, is the way out of this difficult dimension of duality.

We believe that the ego letting go the wrong way—before clearing our inner darkness and developing healthy self-discipline—results in addictions.

We believe it is not possible to develop spiritually when there are active addictions present that are not being faced and addressed.

We believe that there is nothing we must “believe”—as this term is often understood in other Christ-centered religions—to do our personal healing work, which is the true path for re-aligning ourselves with the light of Christ. As we align more and more with our inner truth, we will have an inner knowing that far exceeds any beliefs of the limited ego.

We believe Santo Daime is a powerful spiritual healing modality for helping us clear away our inner obstacles. The work of surrendering our ego, however, we each must learn to do ourselves.

We believe that all conflicts in the world arise from over-alignment with our egos. For in our divine center, we are all connected and in harmony. So connecting with our own Higher Selves is the path to peace.