It is hard for many human beings to grasp that our thoughts and feelings create spiritual forms, including entire worlds.

In order to understand the divine laws governing mediumship, we must first understand how influence between the spiritual worlds and humanity works. At first this section may seem abstract, but it is critical to understanding mediumship. For in truth, all human beings are constantly in touch with and influenced by a wide range of spiritual realms, which is, in essence, mediumship. It is only a matter of the degree of conscious awareness.

In our human experience, material objects have substance. Our bodies, homes, tools and food are all made of physical matter. In contrast, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions seem to us as being abstract. Further, most of us know that our actions and spoken/written words have consequences, especially with others. But we often make a distinction between our actions and public words versus our private thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

The Pathwork Guide devoted considerable time to teaching that in the spiritual realms, all thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions have form. In fact, the spiritual worlds are all psychological worlds and they have actual form. The form directly reflects the nature and attributes of those corresponding beings’ thoughts and emotions. In other words, the worlds reflect the states of mind of the beings that live there. Said differently, our thoughts and feelings create spiritual worlds and then we live in those worlds.

What’s inside us?

Human beings are made up of a physical body and many subtle bodies. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs create forms which show up in the subtle bodies and are visible in the spiritual realms. While we may imagine abstractly that our subtle bodies are just something that moves along with us as we walk on the earth, they are constantly creating entire worlds in the spirit realms.

In fact, it is more accurate to say that emotional states are actually spiritual spheres—entire worlds—that are found within a human being. And there are many different worlds, which are associated with the many various fragments of consciousness within. So for anyone drinking Daime, it is helpful to gain a basic understanding of the various aspects of consciousness within.

“One of the subtle bodies that every living being has is called the Higher Self, or divine spark. The frequency of the vibrations of this body are the quickest, as this is the finest and most radiant of all the subtle bodies; the higher one’s spiritual development, the faster these vibrations will be…

“[Our] Lower Self, on the other hand, which also varies from soul to soul, is made up of our faults and weakness, along with laziness and ignorance. The last thing it wants to do is change and rise above itself… [It] is selfish and proud, so it moves through life with a huge heaping of personal vanity. It includes the ego with all its self-centered maneuvers…

“There is another layer that is quite significant but often overlooked, that we could call the Mask Self. We create this false covering because we realize we’ll likely bump into trouble with our surroundings if and when we give in to our Lower Self…”

Bones: A building-block collection of 19 fundamental spiritual teachings, by Jill Loree, Chapter 3: The Higher Self, the Lower Self, and the Mask Self

All of these various parts of us—our Higher Self, our Lower Self and our Mask Self—are spiritual worlds inside of us. And as spiritual beings we must own all of them. They are constantly being created inside us by our thoughts and emotions that flow out of the various parts of us.

This is the true meaning of the teaching that the Kingdom of God is inside us. The Higher Self aspect in us connects directly with the highest divine spheres. But the divine laws at work here hold both ways. This means that Hell realms are inside us too, to the exact degree that our Lower Self aspects have yet to be faced and transformed.

We fit where we match

The highest level is a vast sphere that could be called “the House of God.” A being who has transformed their Lower Self, overcome their ego, and completed the cycles of incarnations may enter the House of God when they have completely merged with the One. Conversely, when a fragment of an entity is still caught in Lower Self distortions, it will remain separate from the One. The lower the development, the farther the separation from the One.

Human beings produce and own many spiritual spheres. Wherever we are purified, we create worlds of breathtaking beauty. Wherever we have faults and blindness, we create corresponding worlds that are difficult and dark, where we get lost. And we must own all we create—from the best to the worst.

A person on Earth will generally be in contact with a sphere that corresponds to their overall spiritual development. But no human beings are fully harmoniously developed—our moods constantly change. One moment we are connected with one particular spiritual sphere and when our mood shifts and the emotional currents coming from our soul and mind change, we will connect with quite a different sphere.

With purification work, the Higher Self can be restored to its original state by shedding the crusty layers of the Lower Self. In our light-filled areas, the soul automatically connects with the highest and most radiant spheres, even though we are human, living on Earth. But wherever the Lower Self is stronger, the soul connects with the forces of darkness, according to each person’s attitude and development. And note, one person’s Lower Self may more destructive than another’s.

Each sphere, from the highest to lowest, is richly populated by spirits fitting into that particular sphere. Meaning, they have closely matching emotional and psychological traits. And where we are in connection with a particular sphere, we are constantly in touch with all the spirits living there as well as with the forces and currents emanating from that sphere.

We remain accountable

Since human beings are themselves of varying spiritual development, we are likewise in continuous interactive connection with spirit beings and forces of equally varying spiritual development.

Where a human being is in touch with divine spheres, the corresponding influence is tremendously beneficial to life. If beings from the world of God can guide, help and influence you, it can be so only because your inner attitude has called them forth. Alternatively, there are human beings who are strongly influenced—or even ruled—from hellish spheres. And there must be a matching vibration somewhere in that person’s psyche.

But even if we are influenced by a dark spirit, we do not evade accountability for behaving poorly toward another person. For one of the Guide’s central messages is self-responsibility. We have complete free will regarding how we respond to life in each moment. This includes complete self-responsibility for how we behave, think and feel. Where we discover a fault, we are accountable for doing our own spiritual work to correct ourselves. The spiritual laws of life on this are utterly just.

Part 3: General facts about mediumship