Mediumship: The necessary steps and the unavoidable pitfalls

Our perspective at Casa da Calma is that healthy mediumship is about developing a clear inner channel to receive direct guidance and help from God’s divine Spirit World. In fact, the Pathwork Guide teaches that communication with God’s divine spheres is always possible and allows us to receive teachings, help and guidance for our journey homeward.

However, this direct connection to God’s Spirit World is rare, difficult to come by, and exceedingly difficult to maintain. At first this channel will be—and must be—narrow and fleeting. But the ongoing aim and focus of healthy mediumship is to continue widening this channel until full self-realization and total self-integration with God’s divine worlds is attained. This is our aim.

The Daime frequently opens a person’s mediumistic channel—opening the channel but not determining where it goes.

A valuable roadmap

Eva Pierrakos, the woman who channeled the Pathwork Guide, also dedicated her life to this practice of cultivating an inner opening to God’s divine worlds. Eva had to learn the hard way, finding her way through slow, painstaking inner effort. For years she also searched widely for insights among working mediums, parapsychologists, and psychic researchers. To her astonishment, she found a broad level of ignorance about the divine laws shaping the process and development of healthy mediumship.

In fact, the central understanding of divine laws and the true foundation governing healthy, divinely inspired mediumship could not be found in any community Eva searched, even in the work of the world’s most dedicated mediums. There is grave danger in this ignorance. It results in corrupt transmissions, delusion, sensationalism, and even outright fraud. The work needed to avoid these pitfalls is to walk a commensurately rigorous path of spiritual self-purification work over many years.

Eva and the Pathwork Guide gave the world a roadmap to this purification work—including the spiritual laws for developing authentic, healthy mediumship. This essay integrates Eva’s foundational work on mediumship.

Developing healthy mediumship

The depth of commitment to the purification work needed to establish communication with God’s divine Spirit World cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to underestimate the gravity of Eva’s understanding and application of the Guide’s teachings shared here. And this applies not only to those aspiring toward mediumship, but also to anyone choosing the path of Santo Daime.

One of the attributes of the Daime is that, frequently, it opens a person’s mediumistic channel to the spiritual realms—opening the channel but not determining where it goes. So understanding and working with the spiritual laws involved will go a long way in helping navigate experiences with the Daime.

In the larger Santo Daime community the term “mediumship” often refers to the practice of “incorporating suffering spirits”. The intent behind this practice is laudable: to bring some measure of divine light, healing, and comfort to suffering disincarnate beings. But when viewed from the larger context of authentic, healthy mediumship as defined here, this practice deserves thoughtful reconsideration.

Such a reconsideration requires a foundational understanding about healthy mediumship, including its purpose and aims, the governing divine laws, and their prerequisites.

The main emphasis of this essay will be on the facts Eva found missing in the literature and upon which everything rests. Topics covered in this article include:

Part 1: The purpose of mediumship
Part 2: Influence between the Spirit World and humanity
Part 3: General facts about mediumship
Part 4: Basic attitudes, laws and protection
Part 5: Practices, pitfalls & confusions, and limits
Part 6: Mediumship in Santo Daime

The purpose of mediumship

If we don’t understand the purpose of mediumship, this gift will become a burden.

The Spirit World and humanity

It is hard for many human beings to grasp that our thoughts and feelings create spiritual forms, including entire worlds.

General facts about mediumship

Mediumship, as discussed here, is a stage that leads to total integration.

Basic attitudes, laws and protection

The spiritual laws governing mediumship are still new to humanity, and we have much to learn.

Practices, pitfalls, confusions & limits

The qualities of the faulty messages are themselves important information for a medium’s spiritual growth.

Mediumship in Santo Daime

Spiritual development and purification must always lead mediumship development.