• The meaning of the Santo Daime double cross

    In the center of every Santo Daime altar, there is a double cross. Unlike a traditional Christian cross, the Santo Daime cross has two horizontal bars. The symbolism of the double cross is that Christ will come again to Earth. But this time, the light of Christ will arrive through each one of us as we do our work of healing.

  • Why we are single sacrament

    The short answer to the questions of why Casa da Calma is a single-sacrament church is that no other plant medicine is necessary during a Santo Daime work. In fact, using other plant medicines can interfere with the healing a person has been invited by the Daime to receive.

  • Going through instead of taking refuge

    One of the most important things for us to correct is the misunderstanding that we have the option to either take refuge from our problems—to run away from them—or make our way through them. In fact, we remain locked in the cycles of dying and being reborn, of struggling with pain and conflict—spiritually and psychologically as well as physically—exactly because we think we can make this choice.

  • Our perspectives about Santo Daime

    We were both called to this path after working deeply with another powerful spiritual path—following the teachings of the Pathwork Guide—for several decades. So we build our perspectives on a mature spiritual foundation.