It cannot be emphasized enough that contact with God’s Spirit World must only serve one purpose: spiritual development.

In the body of material we know today as the Pathwork lectures, the Pathwork Guide started out by encouraging listeners to make their own contact with God’s world. For example, in Pathwork lecture #6: The Human Role in the Spiritual and Material Universes, the Pathwork Guide said: “I have said it before, but I want to repeat it: Every human being, not only a medium, can and should have personal contact with God’s world. Everybody can have it! But the conditions have to be met.”

The Pathwork Guide went on to encourage this form of communication, cautioning that God’s spirits, when speaking through a medium, are never wanting to turn us into puppets who become dependent on them. For an evolved spirit is not looking for power or flattery. They only want what God wants, which is to help us become free, independent beings.

What is God’s Spirit World?

It’s important to realize that not all spirits who want to communicate with us are aligned with God. They will gladly tell us what to do or what not to do, because that will give them power and flatter their vanity. Some, in fact, are dark spirits who want to go against God.

During a Question & Answer session with the Pathwork Guide (see God’s World on The Guide Speaks), someone asked about this difference between dark beings and beings from God’s world: But isn’t everything God’s Spirit World?

The Pathwork Guide explained that God’s great creation, with all its wonderful laws, includes all the spirits God has created. And each of these spirits has been given free will. When spirits voluntarily accept God’s laws and God’s order, then they remain happy.

But many spirits have used their free will to break that order. And this has led to disharmony and unhappiness for them. Human beings are included in the group of beings who have, at one time or another, broken God’s laws. And until we recognize God’s law as being the right course to follow, we will stand outside of God’s order, or God’s Spirit World.

This is our choice. Just as it is our choice whether we re-align our will with God’s will. And eventually we will. It must happen through our own understanding and acceptance that happiness can only be found within the wisdom of divine law. God, however, does not force anyone. This choice has to come by use of our own free will.

Those who are part of God’s Spirit World are working to help those of us who are trying, but are still unconsciously deviating from the God’s laws. But there remain many others who do not accept God’s laws as being just. Such beings create chaos in themselves and in their surroundings. For they want to follow their own very incomplete laws.

Receiving both inner and outer guidance

In Pathwork lecture #6, the Guide went on to say, “Real liberation can only be in God and through God. You must have your own personal experience in understanding what God’s will is in any particular case. And we will help you in that, we will teach you how to establish your personal contact. There are definite rules for this, but you must first overcome your individual obstacles.”

In this early lecture, the Pathwork Guide encouraged people to ask for help in establishing this kind of contact. “I could give you a course, if you want it,” the Guide said. “But tell me honestly if you don’t.” Apparently no one took the Guide up on this offer. Fortunately, Eva shared about what she had learned in her article titled Mediumship.

The Pathwork Guide went on to say, “You can obtain a great treasure through this, my dear ones. But it does not come easily, as nothing can that is truly precious and will bestow happiness on you. And the decision must be made by you; it cannot be made for you.”

In the next Pathwork Guide Lecture #7: Asking for Help and Helping Others, the Pathwork Guide once again broached this topic. “To follow this path, you also need outside help and advice so that you can remove the first stones which block your way to contacting God’s world…Outside help can be given by a human being who has already reached a higher level on this path, or through one of God’s spirits.”

And yet, the Guide goes on to say, receiving help from outside ourselves is not enough. It plants the seed that has to ripen into fruit by doing our own inner work of self-transformation. We must dismantle and break through our self-created inner walls and reach our inner true self. For this inner connection is the means for getting insight into any truth.

Such a connection can only happen when we have established personal contact with God’s Spirit World, at least to some degree. And this kind of contact only comes when we have achieved a breakthrough in our soul and reached our Higher Self.

We can call this kind of connection mediumship. It’s not that everyone goes into a trance and a divine emissary speaks through them, as was the case for Eva Pierrakos when she channeled the Pathwork Guide. Yet we can all make contact in our own way with the Spirit World.

Mediumship serves one purpose

The goal of the Pathwork Guide, as stated in Pathwork Guide Lecture #8: Mediumship—How to Contact God’s Spirit World, was to make it possible for us to each make contact with God’s Spirit World. Such a connection can happen in many different ways—one person will see, another will hear, someone else will feel, and so on.

It may also happen that a person will receive a special force before they enter a path of spiritual development. In such a case, mediumship can be a great test for a person. Because if we don’t understand the purpose of mediumship, this gift will become a burden and a trial. For the intention of such a spiritual force is to be signpost showing the person the way to find God and God’s Spirit World more easily.

In other words, the person needs to find a path of self-purification. But unfortunately, this is often not understood. When this is the case, the more these forces manifest and work, the more unhappy the medium will become. When such a person stubbornly insists on their old, incorrect way of thinking, the spirits coming through the medium will, over time, be lower and lower in development. This is a lawful consequence caused by the attitude of the medium.

Such a person may continue to develop their mediumship in certain ways, but they are only developing the outer aspects. They are not truly walking a spiritual path of inner self-discovery and self-transformation. This creates a danger for the medium as well as for anyone surrounding such a person.

On the other hand, when mediumship develops after a person has begun working on a spiritual path—working to develop humility, self-knowing and self-discipline—they cross this necessary threshold first. They will then use the mediumistic contact for its one true purpose, which is furthering self-development. In this case, the person’s mediumship will evolve in a wonderful way.

Trials and difficulties are what happen when a medium believes they can help others without doing the painstaking work of their own self-development. It cannot be emphasized enough that contact with God’s Spirit World must only serve one purpose: spiritual development. When we understand this, then we will receive help and guidance. Only then can we use our mediumship to also help others.

Healing our souls

As the Pathwork Guide teaches in lecture #7, every thought and emotional reaction, each opinion and tendency—even the tiniest trait in our personality—is a luminous ray. These rays are invisible to us, but they are a part of every individual being. Spiritual laws are much like these luminous threads in the way they are fixed and yet eternally in motion. And these laws apply the same to our inner reactions as to our outer actions and reactions.

Wherever our personal threads of light align with spiritual laws, we are in harmony. We experience bliss and we fulfill our life. But where our personal rays deviate from divine law, we experience disharmony. Often we attribute these bad blows to fate. But fate is not the cause of our difficulties. We are.

The more we cover up the roots of our difficulties—removing ourselves from them and pushing them into our unconscious—the harder it will be to see the connections. And therefore, the more difficult will it be to find and pull out the flawed root. For the only way to become happy is to discover the flawed roots inside ourselves.

For some, this will sound like a radical approach. But going to the roots is what a spiritual path of self-purification is all about. This is what it means to heal the soul. Whatever we choose to call it, we must seek God’s Spirit World for this purpose. For without this contact, it is not possible for us to purify ourselves.

Whoever seeks God—who wants to truly know themselves—will receive the greatest support and guidance. This is the way to develop the best in ourselves. When we go this way, we are in good hands.

Part 2: Influence between the Spirit World and humanity