To reach our inner divine self, we must clear away whatever is blocking our light. We must come to know ourselves.

“Be blessed, every one of you. May your endeavors succeed to become real, to find the courage to be nakedly real without any false covers. You cannot help but succeed if you really want to.

Those who do not move and grow and liberate themselves do not want to — and it is important to know this — and find in you the inner voice that refuses to move.

May all your false layers fall away because this is what you really want and decide. You will then discover the glory of living. Be in peace, be in God!”

–The Pathwork Guide

How we integrate Pathwork teachings

When we read Pathwork teachings and work with them deeply, the truth they hold becomes our own truth. Because at the core of our being, all truth is already present. But until we clear away our inner obstacles, we can’t access it.

So our approach at Casa da Calma is to ask people in our community to also be working with teachings from the Pathwork Guide, in tandem with drinking Daime. Our aim is to provide a place for people to grow individually and to also learn to function smoothly as a community.

All misunderstandings matter

If we boiled down all the conflicts in this world to find the common denominators, one of them would be this: There is always a misunderstanding.

Within the doctrine of the Santo Daime, there are also some misunderstandings. And as everywhere, these lead to disharmonies for the people who are caught up in them.

Our Perspectives about Santo Daime

Our perspectives about Santo Daime

Each participant in Santo Daime works will have their own experiences and develop their own perspectives. And while there are surely many similarities among them, not everyone will see things the same way. It is with this in mind that we share some of our perspectives about this powerful healing path.