Find your true inner light

To reach our divine self, we must clear away whatever is blocking our inner light. We must come to know our true selves.

Wisdom from the Pathwork Guide

“It is essential to deal with confusions, inner misconceptions, misunderstandings, destructive attitudes, alienating defenses, negative emotions, and paralyzed feelings, all of which psychotherapy also attempts to do and even posits as its ultimate goal. In contrast, Pathwork enters its most important phase only after this first stage is over. The second and most important phase consists of learning how to activate the greater consciousness dwelling within every human soul.”
The Pathwork Guide, Lecture #204 What is the Path?

Santo Daime liberates the light that shines from within

Santo Daime is a relatively young religion, originating in the jungles of the Amazon in the 1930s and now spreading around the globe. The foundation of this church is a unique blend of indigenous cultures and Catholic traditions.

Santo Daime embraces the beauty that radiates through all of nature—in the forests and the sea, and in the sun, moon and stars—as well as the light that shines from the loving divine presence of Christ.

Life is all about healing

In a Santo Daime work, we open ourselves to spiritual realms and the possibility of experiencing a direct divine connection. This is a powerful healing path, intended for people who are serious about self-transformation.

Santo Daime & healing

There are three primary ways Santo Daime can provide a healing experience.

Santo Daime & addictions

We can’t live from our inner light until we have cleared away our inner obstacles, including our addictions.

Santo Daime & Pathwork

These two paths are fundamentally very compatible, as both focus on clearing away our inner obstacles.

The Santo Daime hymns

The hymns we sing carry a healing current. They are what propels this powerful form of healing.

About mediumship

The medium Eva Pierrakos, together with the divine emissary she channeled known as the Pathwork Guide, offer informative and helpful teachings about the all-important practice of mediumship.

We build our perspectives on a mature spiritual foundation

One of the gifts of walking an authentic spiritual path is developing the ability to learn and grow and change. Which is what we—as co-protectors of Casa da Calma—have been doing for over two decades following the teachings of the Pathwork Guide.

We were called together to Santo Daime in 2017. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to further developing our abilities to help others heal. Our work today blends these two beautiful, synchronistic paths, creating powerful possibilities for personal self-transformation.

Visitor information & What to expect

Our primary concern at Casa da Calma is the well-being of all participants.

Integrating Santo Daime & Pathwork

Personal self-development is the most important thing a person can ever do.


We are co-protectors

We are the co-protectors for Casa da Calma, a nonprofit church incorporated in the state of New York, offering Santo Daime spiritual healing ceremonies that align with Santo Daime traditions, norms and rituals. If you feel called to explore working with us to deepen your personal healing journey, please contact us to schedule an interview.