To reach our inner divine self, we must clear away whatever is blocking our light. We must come to know ourselves.

“Be blessed, every one of you. May your endeavors succeed to become real, to find the courage to be nakedly real without any false covers. You cannot help but succeed if you really want to.

Those who do not move and grow and liberate themselves do not want to — and it is important to know this — and find in you the inner voice that refuses to move.

May all your false layers fall away because this is what you really want and decide. You will then discover the glory of living. Be in peace, be in God!”

–The Pathwork Guide

Our Perspectives about Santo Daime

Santo Daime is a religion originating in the jungles of the Amazon in the 1930s and now spreading around the globe. Each participant in Santo Daime works will have their own experiences and develop their own perspectives. And while there are surely many similarities among them, not everyone will see things the same way.

Our Perspectives about Santo Daime

It is with this in mind that we share some of our perspectives about this powerful healing path. As the protectors of our young church, Casa da Calma, we humbly acknowledge that many others have more experience than we do with the path of Santo Daime. But at the same time, we were both called to this path several years ago after working deeply with another powerful spiritual path—following the teachings of the Pathwork Guide—for several decades. And so we build our perspectives on a mature spiritual foundation.

A gift of walking an authentic spiritual path is developing the ability to learn and grow and change. We both look forward to seeing how our own perspectives may evolve and further develop over time.

Here are some of our perspectives:
How the Daime Heals
The Daime and Addictions
The Santo Daime path has many sisters
Is Santo Daime legal?
Santo Daime Hymns