To reach our inner divine self, we must clear away whatever is blocking our light. We must come to know ourselves.

“Be blessed, every one of you. May your endeavors succeed to become real, to find the courage to be nakedly real without any false covers. You cannot help but succeed if you really want to.

Those who do not move and grow and liberate themselves do not want to — and it is important to know this — and find in you the inner voice that refuses to move.

May all your false layers fall away because this is what you really want and decide. You will then discover the glory of living. Be in peace, be in God!”

–The Pathwork Guide

What is Santo Daime

The religious movement of Santo Daime began in the interior of the Amazon Forest, in the first decades of the 20th century, with the grandson of slaves Raimundo Irineu Serra, a native of Maranhão.

To Mestre Irineu, as he would later go into history, a doctrine of a Christian and eclectic nature was revealed, bringing together Catholic, spiritual, esoteric, cabocla and indigenous traditions around the ritual use of the millenary tea known by the Inca peoples as ayahuasca (wine of souls ) and named Santo Daime by him. Widely used among indigenous peoples of the Western Amazon, the drink is obtained by cooking two plants native to the tropical forest, the Jagube vine (banisteriopsis caapi) and the queen leaf (psychotria viridis). It has entheogenic properties, that is, it produces an expansion of consciousness responsible for the experience of contact with the spiritual plane, through the interior encounter with our True Self.

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