The follow through—doing this difficult inner work—is what fulfills the pre-requisite for receiving spiritual protection from Christ.

When a mediumistic opening to other realms—mediumship proper—has been established, the channel is open equally to both dark and divine powers. Therefore, no matter how mediumship has started, it is critically important to surrender all mediumship completely to the will of God and the protection of Jesus Christ. There are three attitudes we need to develop.

Step one: Good discernment

The first necessary step for mediumship is discernment about what is coming through. We must use our own discernment and, at the same time, surrender to the will of God and deliberately seek Christ’s protection.

Christ serves over the entire Spirit World as head protector against dark forces of evil. The thought must be repeatedly formed that whatever happens is in service to the will of God. Repeatedly forming this thought creates accelerating power and momentum.

Note, this first step of discernment is necessary but not nearly sufficient for the true protection of Christ to be made available. Also, although ignorance does not preclude a genuine manifestation happening early on, unless we align with the divine laws related to mediumship, our connection to God’s divine Spirit World will close.

Step two: An open mind

The second basic attitude needed is an open mind that allows for every possible outcome. The spiritual laws governing mediumship are still new to humanity and we have much to learn. Hardened opinions about the nature of the process or about existing channels and messages becomes a barrier to a healthy sense of discrimination. This sense of discrimination is a necessary tool for healthy discernment.

The needed attitude is to open-mindedly explore the relevance of a message while acknowledging that questions about its origin may need to be set aside for the moment. Rigid beliefs about the origin frequently lead to a state of gullibility, which makes for easy work for dark forces looking to corrupt a channel.

This sense of discrimination is a necessary tool for healthy discernment. For a person’s channel can deliver messages from sources ranging from the lowest to highest spiritual worlds, and the source can be well concealed. In addition, a person’s hidden unconscious can also come through, either directly or indirectly.

How the unconscious could come through directly is not hard to understand. But the indirect process is more subtle and involves magnetically attracting spirits that are a match for our hidden negativities. Recall from Part 1 that all our thoughts, beliefs and emotions—both conscious and unconscious—have form. So they co-create the worlds we are in touch with. And all the beings that exist in these worlds have direct access to us.

This presents a distinct challenge for developing discernment and should be considered an expected and necessary part of our development.

Step three: Commitment

The third necessary attitude is a deep commitment to the person’s path of self-purification. It is necessary to search inside with self-honesty for all pride, negativity and destructiveness, no matter how hard this may seem. One must commit to feeling all of one’s feelings, no matter how terrifying the dark places inside may at first be.

This absolute commitment to going in and through every subtle inner dishonesty must be made again and again. The follow through—doing this difficult inner work—is what fulfills the pre-requisite for receiving spiritual protection from Christ.

A further paradox exists with this third necessary attitude. On one hand, the person alone must make this commitment. No other person or spirit being can do this work for you, for life cannot be cheated. On the other hand, this work cannot be done alone. It requires someone knowledgeable to help navigate the difficult inner territory.

Without someone who is qualified to help, a person rarely advances past the initial threshold of this part of the task. And it also requires God’s help. For without divine help this work is far too vast to be accomplished.

Generalizations about mediumistic development

There are some general stages that can be outlined that may provide a rough map for the terrain of possible transmissions.

Very early in the process, a brief divine message of truth may come through that provides an outline of the task ahead for the medium. This is always brief and never continues directly in a straight line toward the task ahead. What comes next are always alternating transmissions coming from many different lower spirits. It will not be immediately obvious which come from what levels, and the changes from one level to another may be very subtle.

On the surface it might seem intuitive that God’s Spirit World would be very direct in guiding a medium to their task. Or it may seem intuitive that the importance of delivering a divinely-inspired spiritual message is of the highest order. But this line of reasoning is false and has dangerous pitfalls.

The all-important task for an incarnating human being is to uncover their Higher Self, which is an aspect of God within. This Higher Self is encrusted by all the various layers of distortions, faults and negativities of our Lower Self. To uncover the Higher Self, these layers must be faced and transformed.

The development process for healthy mediumship rests on the foundation of a person’s capacity for doing this all-important work of self-transformation. Therefore, the line of development never proceeds in a straightforward way. A person is expected to focus on the inner work of self-finding and clearing their inner confusions and errors.

Categories of beings that may manifest

At the outset, many different levels of spirit entities will manifest through a medium. The range of spirits coming to offer messages can vary widely and this period can last for a considerable time. Mediums often become stuck in this phase indefinitely, as it requires considerable spiritual work and discernment to sort truth from gullible mischief. Therefore, it can be helpful to categorize manifesting entities.

Deceased friends or relatives

These beings may be able to share helpful insights for the medium or for specific people, but they are not higher spirits of God’s world. A spirit still in the cycles of incarnation has blind spots and soul dents to work through.

Humanity has numerous beliefs, mass images and fears surrounding death. Many people believe they will go to “heaven” after death and therefore a deceased human will somehow automatically have superior awareness to ours. But there is no increase in consciousness upon death. In general, a disincarnate spirit is not any wiser or more honest than they were when incarnated.

So while one should not give too much creditability to a deceased being, neither is it necessary to reject these contacts outright. It may be appropriate to treat them as one would other human beings: They may know some things we don’t, while also being confused in other areas. Contact with these spirits may comfort the pain of separation and some of the guidance offered may contain a needed spiritual truth for a particular person.

Spirits who need help

These beings rarely come in humility and ask for help. Typically, they come in the guise of being able to help us. They may claim to be high beings with offers of teachings. Or they may tell us stories or offer phenomenon that capture our fascination and attention. Without great care to watch out for gullibility, a person can become caught up with these spirits.

It is worth repeating: A disincarnate spirit is not wiser or more honest than they were when incarnated. They have the same confusions, ignorance, suffering and searching as human beings do. So while they may provide proof of actual spirit contact, this should not be the focus. If we use the contact to find our own gullibility and subsequently offer help to them, their stance will often shift.

The way to investigate is to ask questions and discern whether the spirit being is thoroughly happy. If any darkness, pain or confusion exists, the relationship must be turned around. We must help them. We can provide help in the form of advice and teachings such as those learned in the Pathwork. And we can advise them to pray and to search for the light. Their task, just like that of a human being, is to find the parts of their being needing purification.

Whether incarnate or disincarnate, every being must choose of their own free will to shoulder self-responsibility towards their own purification. From there, help can be provided. With this consistent approach of offering help they often come to accept what we have to offer with humility and gratitude. For the medium, this builds a well-grounded foundation for healthy mediumship.

Spirits unwilling to accept help

To reiterate, every being must choose of their own free will to shoulder self-responsibility towards their own purification. After the discernment steps above, if the spirit is still unwilling to accept help, they must be firmly told to leave. The medium must stand firm in dedication to serving God’s will, regardless of how sensational a being’s messages may be.

Evil beings

Destructive beings may appear that try to frighten and divert the medium from their task. This can be intimidating, but all is well if the medium works to fulfill the requirements to have Christ’s protection.

As will be discussed more thoroughly in a moment, the energy of divine consciousness is so strong that it is acutely painful to an unpurified being. This effect provides reliable protection from attacks by lower beings. And there is no greater protection possible than from Christ. The divine powers of Christ and God are far greater than that of any evil, destructive being.

There is, however, an important caveat. In the places inside us where we have faults and inner destructiveness, lower beings will have access to us. This is divine law and the reason why doing one’s inner work of self-facing is so important. A measure of protection can extend also to these inner places if we commit to growing by seeking out and confronting our faults.

We are given complete free will, and the choice to follow God’s will always lies entirely with us. We must assert our intention to find our own faults and commit to serve Christ. The more we develop an inner experience of Christ’s protection, the less we will fear or be intimidated by destructive beings.

Divine emissaries

Divine emissaries, such as the being known to humanity as the Pathwork Guide, are fully aligned with Christ. Their only objective is to help us discover the truth of who we are. The Pathwork Guide deliberately chose to remain anonymous to avoid people’s tendency to then say “So-and-so” has the truth. For in our Higher Self, we are all united and connected in truth. Our aim is to live from this deeper inner place.

It is possible that a divine emissary will speak through us, as happened with Eva Pierrakos following years of commitment and preparation. But it is just as valuable, if not more so, to receive reliable inner guidance from God’s Spirit World for navigating life and learning to live—more and more fully over time—from our Higher Self. This dovetails with the teaching from Madrinha Baixinha which says that the most advanced form of mediumship is intuition.

Part 5: Practices, pitfalls and confusions, and limits