“As a Santo Daime church we pay close attention to the individuals who attend this work. We screen each person via health evaluation forms and personal consultations. This is serious spiritual work—not for everyone. We are offering a chance to awaken to a spiritual reality to those souls who are in alignment with this path. It is our honor, beyond description, to be the bearers of this mission.”
–Alex Polari, Santo Daime elder

Visitor forms

If you feel called to explore a Santo Daime as part of your healing journey, we welcome you. Each participant in a Santo Daime work will be asked to provide some personal history, including a brief medical history. The co-protectors of Casa da Calma will hold an interview with you to help us understand your intention in coming to a Santo Daime work and your readiness to attend a work with us. All information shared with us is considered confidential.

To proceed, please contact us for the password to access Visitor Forms:

  • Practical Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Guardians
  • Our agreements
  • Application and Confidential Medical History Form
  • Consent and Waiver Form