The doctrine of the Santo Daime is Christ-centered, and also aligns with the forces of nature and indigenous traditions.

  • Guests are invited by the Santo Daime, not by people

The doctrine of the Santo Daime is Christ-centered

  • The Daime also aligns with the forces of nature and indigenous traditions

There is little talking during a typical 5-7 hour Santo Daime Work, and lots of singing

  • Singing hymns creates a healing current
  • The doctrine of the Santo Daime is contained in the hymns and prayers
    • Most hymns and prayers are in Portuguese; just do your best

All participants must partake of the sacrament

  • The sacrament works by thinning the veils between this material world and the Spirit World. This allows divine beings to come close to us to help us heal ourselves
  • The sacrament is often referred to as Daime.
    • Daime means “give me” in Portuguese. We are asking to be given strength, healing (cleansing), understanding, forgiveness, compassion
      • Cleansing may happen in the form of purging

This is a modest spiritual path

  • Women and men sit separately
    • Women guardians attend to women, and men guardians to men
  • Participants wear all white (or light colors). We dress modestly, meaning long pants for men, and long skirts or loose pants (preferred) for women; covered shoulders for everyone

We seek harmony

  • Various forms and structures are in place to promote harmony

Casa da Calma is a single-sacrament church

  • Do not bring other substances onto the property (even in your car)
  • Refrain from using other substances or sacraments on the days before, during and after a Work

What to bring

  • A water bottle that closes securely (preferably not metal), a fleece/sweater (wear layers), snacks for afterwards, hymn books (if you have them)
  • If you don’t have printed hymn books, please bring a tablet or other electronic device for accessing electronic versions

The current donation for each Work is $65 (expect a $2 increase annually)

  • 10% goes toward a scholarship fund