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The short answer to the questions of why Casa da Calma is a single-sacrament church is that no other plant medicine is necessary during a Santo Daime work. In fact, using other plant medicines can interfere with the healing a person has been invited by the Daime to receive.

When a person hears a call to come to a Santo Daime work, they may not be aware of the plans being made in the Spirit World for healing. Everything is carefully guided and crafted for our highest good. The goal is that, over time, we will become more integrated and more whole. And such a process involves many healing steps, and therefore many works.

What is our best safeguard?

The format of the bi-monthly Concentration work, in particular, is intended to help us learn to keep our minds present. For being fully present is the only true safety we have in life. In wholeness is where true freedom lies.

As we clear away our inner obstacles and reunite our fragmented psyche, we gain more and more ability to remain fully present—not just during a work, but also in life. As a result, we will be less inclined toward denial, avoidance and escaping from that which needs healing.

Our goal must be to connect deeply within, from moment to moment, within to our own Higher Self. Then, when we are connected with our core, guidance can flow from within. But when we use a second plant medicine during a work, we disrupt our natural ability to remain fully present, alert and calm.

When we are unable to remain present during a work, we open ourselves to access by nefarious spirits. To be fair, such dark spirits already have access to us in the areas of our faults. But when we are not paying attention to what is happening, we don’t learn anything from their presence. And learning is a key reason to attend a Santo Daime work.

Aligning with spiritual laws

There are an infinite number of spiritual laws that govern our world. Here are three to always bear in mind.

Paying the price

There is always a price to pay for getting what we truly want. This includes guidance for our journey home. During a Santo Daime work, we have the opportunity to do the work necessary to heal ourselves. This work is a necessary price we must pay to earn our freedom.

Making an effort

Long story short, we have to make an effort. Healing work is not easy, and we will need to continue to persevere for a long time. We must gradually make our way through is all the difficult terrain inside us. These are the parts of ourselves we hope we can avoid.

This dimension of duality is difficult precisely because we must go through difficult inner landscapes. To avoid what’s unpleasant is to remain locked out of reality—the temporary reality, that is, of this dualistic dimension. As a result, we must return again and again until we become willing to make the effort to transform our inner distortions.

Not skipping steps

We can’t skip steps. If we do, we will eventually need to back up and fill in the missing steps, causing our healing journey to take even longer. We simply cannot become enlightened without going through the darkness. There are no shortcuts.

All told, we are a single-sacrament church because this is the way to find true freedom. As co-protectors of Casa da Calma, our mission is to facilitate genuine, deep healing.

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