Is Santo Daime Legal?

The Santo Daime religion has its original roots deep in the Amazon forests of Brazil. The head office of the Santo Daime church is called Centro Eclectico da Fluente Luz Universal (CEFLURIS). Over time, Santo Daime religion has spread to other cities and regions throughout Brazil, and to other countries on other continents.

One of the main Santo Daime Church organizations in the United States is CEFLURGEM. This Portuguese acronym means, in English, the Eclectic Center for the Universal Flowing Light. CEFLURGEM is a collective of churches of the Santo Daime religion and is recognized by the United States government as a legitimate 501(c)3 church, or public charity. This church is appropriately registered and properly administered in all ways. Casa da Calma has a signed legal compact with CEFLURGEM to operate as part of this religion and legal nonprofit church.

The legal use of our sacrament—which is used in every Santo Daime work and drunk by all participants in these works—is protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. The use of Daime in the Santo Daime church was challenged by the US Government at a church in Oregon in 1999. Ten years and considerable legal resources later, the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit strongly upheld the importation and use of this sacrament in Santo Daime works in the US.

Watch this short documentary video about Santo Daime, created by the Church of the Holy Light of the Queen in Ashland, Oregon. The leader of this church is Jonathan Goldman.

A short documentary about the Church of Daime in Ashland, Oregon.